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ERP Software Learning - at ERP Boot Camp

ERP Analyst Firm Panorama Consulting Group Offers Novel ERP Software Training Approach

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software applications are complex, challenging and hugely important to your company, and too often the cause of massive headaches, or even career limiting moves, for those that select or implement them and fail to achieve projected benefits.

If you've ever wished that it could all be easier to grasp, then Panorama Consulting Group might have something for you.

Panorama Consulting, a five-year old ERP project management and consultancy led by veteran ERP expert Eric Kimberling, unveiled a new three-day ERP Boot Camp to help business leaders and IT managers get a better handle on their ERP projects.

Why is this a big deal? Because if ERP software is important to your company, understanding proven software selection approaches and constantly learning more about these business software systems should be at the top of your career agenda. ERP applications are constantly evolving, and your knowledge base needs to keep up with these changes.

Continuing education is one of the primary reasons Panorama decided to start its boot camp, according to Panorama Consulting President, Kimberling.

"We found that many of our current and prospective customers were unprepared for the significant challenges heading into the implementation phase of their software projects, so we wanted to provide an event to equip them and others in the ERP community with the tools and knowledge necessary to make their implementations successful," Kimberling said. "In addition, we have a lot of prospective customers that want try out our professional services to see what we had to offer before engaging us on a long-term basis, so this was a way to accomplish both."

Panorama has put together custom ERP software workshops in the past for various clients, he said, but this is the first formal program they have created for a large scale.

"This is the first of a series we have planned in a group setting like this. We are locking down a ERP Order Change Management (OCM) Boot Camp along with other boot camps later next year."

Attendees will have a lot to learn, he said, including "a foundational understanding of the challenges, risks, tools and methods to proactively manage their implementations."

"It is meant to be a real life view of ERP implementations from the trenches rather than a optimistic, or overly theoretical view of ERP software implementations. By the time participants leave, they will grasped a strong foundation for understanding and managing implementation risk and cost, as well as being aware of the tools to optimize business benefits and make their implementations successful."

But what can one really learn about ERP fundamentals and expertise in just three long days? "Participants can get a good start and a much stronger understanding than they would have without having gone through several implementations themselves," he said. "Our objective is to accelerate the learning curve so participants don't have to make the same mistakes that many ERP implementation novices make. ERP software implementations are high-risk, high-cost, and resource-intensive projects, so it is no time to learn on the job or by trial by error."

And there will definitely be content for newbies and for more seasons established ERP users. According to Kimberling, "When we've conducted similar project workshops or training for experienced users, they find value in the tools, methods, and structure that our implementation approaches take. Our concepts are technology and product agnostic, reflect best of breed implementation methods and have been refined over years of client experience so even advanced practitioners will benefit."

Kimberling will host the three day training session and will be joined by a panel of independent ERP thought leaders who will share their insights with the attendees.

The training fee is $1,150 per person and the topics include an overview of common ERP implementation challenges and obstacles, fundamentals of ERP implementation project management, deep-dive analysis of ERP implementation benchmarks and best practices, implementation lessons from ERP implementation failures, group critiques and assessments of your implementation project plan, interactive case studies, expert panels with Q&A sessions and networking with industry peers.

In the Army, boot camp readies you to be a prepared soldier. In IT and ERP, this boot camp can help make your ERP operations the best they can be. | ERP Software, CRM Software & Business Software