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Red Hat Sponsors "The Garage"

Another Source For Business Inovation

In the world of IT and innovation, new ideas and directions translate into company advances. Pushing the forefront is certainly better than just sitting around for the world to somehow discover your business and beat a path to your door. Well, not every company is just sitting in its foxhole, waiting for the other IT companies to make the first moves toward tomorrow's better ideas. Linux and open source vendor Red Hat Inc. have teamed with North Carolina State University to create and open "The Garage," a physical and virtual place where students can jump in with their ideas and visions and experiment among the variables to see if they can find better ways of making better mousetraps - or servers, software, routers, switches, mainframes, gadgets or whatever.

Co-sponsored by Raleigh, N.C.-based Red Hat and the university's Entrepreneurship Initiative, The Garage has been created to "provide curricular and extra-curricular opportunities to empower students, whatever their discipline, as entrepreneurial thinkers, doers and leaders."

"We are grateful to our friends at Red Hat for their generous support of the Garage," Dr. Tom Miller, director of the two-year-old Entrepreneurship Initiative, said in a prepared release that announced the new partnership. "It reflects their commitment to the motivation and talent of NC State students and will enable those students to focus on developing their entrepreneurial ideas in an environment designed to foster innovation and creativity."

The project is being kicked off in a 2,000 square foot location on the school's campus. The location is so far equipped with prototyping studios, conference rooms for mind-melding discussions and a lounge. Red Hat chipped in with lab equipment, tools, technology and furnishings. Students at the school will be encouraged to bring their best ideas and apply for access to The Garage where they can watch their ideas mature and come to life. Larger and improved facilities are on the docket for the future as part of the project. "We are eager for students from all over the university to gather here to work, learn, and share," Miller explained. "We want to support these students in becoming North Carolina's future job creators."

Is this a type of partnership approach your company could leverage for new innovation? Are you working to make investments in the people and ideas that can one day help your company grow and thrive? The gains for your business can be large. Imagine the ideas and critical thinking that can be focused on your products and business processes if you team up with a local university or college, or possibly a high school, and foster and encourage fresh minds to innovate, explore and create alongside your own R&D teams, your business analysts, your researchers, your best people.

Everything in business and life is a risk. Maybe it's time to stop sitting on your corporate hands and stagnant budgets and make something happen again. Red Hat is taking a stand. | ERP Software, CRM Software & Business Software